Supervise Teams Undertaking Work IN Confined Spaces (Not expected to enter, but could if required )

Code: WUK05-6160-05
Duration: 2 Day Course
Price (Per Person):
Description: This course is designed for supervisors of confined spaces it includes planning and allocating activities for a team, pre-entry procedures, entry into and exit from a confined space, selection of personnel, maintaining communication, and initiating and controling emergency procedures. The aim of the course is to enable candidates who requires pre-assessment training to prepare them for assessment in City & Guilds(NOS) 6160-05.

Learning Outcomes / Course Content

A review of the requirements of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 leads to an understanding of how to:

  • Implement procedures for teams working in confined spaces
  • Supervise the control safe entry and exit to the confined space
  • Supervise the work team to ensure procedures are followed
  • Control emergency situations
  • Uhderstand health and safety and environmental legislation
  • Understand standard protocols for work in confined spaces
  • Understand supervisory duties and responsibilities
  • Understand equipment checks and testing required

Training Information:

Pre-requisites: 6160-02 0r 6160-03

Comprises two days of training and assessment. Candidates should bring their own safety footwear, coveralls, hard hat and gloves for the practical exercises.
This course makes use of all equipment and includes practical exercises in confined space simulations. This is a physically demanding course and delegates must be deemed medically suited by a medical practitioner or occupational nurse.

This qualification does not give certified competency as an Overseer of Work, the New additional Unit 6160-06 will be required if the nominated person wishes to obtain the Management of Work Occupational Standard Qualification.


Training Certification:
City & Guilds question papers and practical assessment observation checklists will be submitted upon assessment completion and certificates will be issued subject to final verification. There will be an additional charge of £35 per candidate.

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