Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces

Code: WUK02-6160-02
Duration: 2 Day Course
Price (Per Person):
For persons nominated to work in or at confined spaces where work has been assessed and classified as NC2 or NC3 (Medium Risk) under the Water UK/Utilities scheme, and who require pre-assessment training to prepare them for assessment in City & Guilds (NOS) 6160-02. The course includes preparing to work safely when entering and exiting a medium risk confined spaces, using equipment and tools safely, following procedures and dealing with emergencies.

NB: This course will not qualify you to perform Top Person duties as previously under the 6150 suite. Please see 6160-04 City & Guilds Award in Control Entry and Arrangements for Confined Spaces as this is is the new City & Guilds qualification for the Top Person duties.

Learning Outcomes / Course Content

A review of the requirements of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 leads to an understanding of how to:

  • Prepare to work Safely in medium risk confined spaces
  • Interpret the Water UK Confined Spaces classification scheme
  • Enter and exit a confined space safely
  • Use equipment and tools safely
  • Follow working procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Understand the principles of working in medium risk confined spaces

Learning Outcomes/Course Content Continued

  • Understand standard protocols for working in medium risk confined spaces
  • Risk assess residual hazards
  • Recognise changing environments
  • Use and interpret gas monitors to verify safe atmospheres
  • Understand the nature and occurrence of problem atmospheres
  • Using ancillary safety items harness, ropes, winches and life lines
  • Use open circuit (CABA) escape breathing apparatus safely
  • Work following a safe system of work
  • React positively in an emergency situation with basic emergency first aid (CPR)

Training Information:

Comprises two days of training and assessment. Candidates should bring their own safety footwear, coveralls, hard hat and gloves for the practical exercises.
Health Standard - this course makes use of all equipment and includes practical exercises in confined spaces simulations. This is a physical demanding course and delegates must be deemed medically suited, an honesty health questionnaire or fitness statement signature will be required.

Training Certification:
City & Guilds question papers and practical assessment observation checklists will be submitted upon assessment completion and certificates will be issued subject to final verification.

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